Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To Use Skype Without An Account In Simple 3 Steps

Skype is one of the top used service to make video and audio calls, exchange chat messages etc... Skype recently added an interesting and awesome new facility that anyone to use the free version of skype without an account.

In this facility user treated as a gust. So you can make voice or video call with 25 peoples or you can send text messages with up to 300 peoples.

Use Skype Without An Account

Step 1 : Go to Skype.com

Step 2 : Now click the link shows " Start Conversation"

Step 3 : Enter a user name as you like and click " Start Conversation"

Now you get a conversation link something like "join.skype.com/c4civil ". You can Invite anyone to chat with this link.


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