Pros and Cons of Digital India - Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital India - List With Table

Pros and Cons of Digital India  - Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital India  - List With Table

The initiative " Digital India " aims to make all citizens digitally literate. Digital India aim to bring e-governance to every doorstep. Also Corporate companies have promised to invest Rs 4.5 lakhs crore in the initiative, which is greater than the total spend on all govt schemes. It is equivalent to 1/4th of the national budget.

Now we can check the advantages and disadvantages of Digital India

Pros and Cons of the Digital India
Pros - Advantages
 Cons - Disadvantages
  • Create a lot of jobs
  • Digital lockers
  • Boost to industry; both large and small enterprises.
  • Citizens can connect directly with the government.
  • Will handle the personal data of citizens
  • Digital lockers are reliable?
  • How will corporate recover their costs?


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