Friday, January 01, 2016

Adfly Vs - Comparison With Table

Now a days and  become common URL Shorteners to earn money, Now we can compare these two Sites.

since 2009
since 2013
 Minimum Payout
5$   Daily Payout
Ad Type
Industrial and banners
Industrial only
Payment Method
Paypal,Alertpay, Payoneer,Payza
Paypal,  Payoneer, Payza

Pros For Adfly - (Advantages)

  • Daily Payment
  • Industrials ad and banners

Cons of  Adfly - (Disadvantages)

  • No Real time Status
  • Low CPM than
  • 3 views from an IP address in a day

Pros For (Advantages)

  • Real time Status
  • 5 views from an IP address in a day
  • Good CPM than

Cons of - (Disadvantages)
  • One of the main Disadvantage of is some time user need to fill "captcha" to continue the link, So you may lose traffic..

The Pros & Cons of  Adfly & 
  (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Pros - Advantages
 Cons - Disadvantages
  • Payed on time
  • Minimum Payout 5$
  • No Pornographic Ads
  • Not Spam
  • Source of employment.
  • Easy to create
  • Good Part time income
  • Reduce link length
  • Earn money without website
  • No Special skills required
  • Wait some time to show link
  • Need to skip Ads
  • Hide your branding
  • Takes extra work to view link
  • Some users not like URL Shorteners
  • May reduce website traffic
  • Skippers reduce earning


  1. I have tried so many shorteners I can't even remember the number. Those who paid me the most were and, but I realised having the same number of views didn't give me the same results. My payment in was about 35% lower and then I knew for sure that was cuting my views. So, I've been using only for a couple of months now and my earnings have never been better. This is my last payment: Good luck to you.

  2. Count your views, bro, in you don't even get money for 5 views, srsly!

    1. You r right Admin, I will get Compensation for Downtime 0.11$, I earned around 35$ per month..

    2. Bet you haven't tried yet. I'm sure you'll notice the difference. But it's your decision. Best. J.E.

    3. Dear Friend, I Start 30 day experiment using adfly and, With same traffic... . ie
      1st day adfly
      2nd day shorte
      3rd day adfly
      4th day shorte
      and so on...Result will publish after 30 days

    4. 30 day experiment Result
      Adfly : 5039 Clicks - 6.19$ - eCPM: 1.23$ : 4067 Clicks - 7.93$ - eCPM: 1.95$
      With same traffic adfly get more clicks get more eCPM

  3. The best one is! Has better payout rates and all 5 clicks are with the same rate, not like with other shorteners, when the rate is going down with every click, they even solved the adblock problem lately! My last payment proof from On Friday I will get paid again :D Cheers!

  4. BTW pays with PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney ;)

  5. The best one is ..


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