Adfly URL Shortener Review - Payment Proofs - Pros and Cons List With Table

Adfly URL Shortener Review

Now a days simply we called Adfly become common URL Shortener to earn money. 

What is ? is website that pays you money every time someone clicks on your shortened links.
  • You input a link on
  • shortens it and gives you a link
  • You share the shortened link anywhere on the web
  • Someone clicks on your link you will get payed

Why i get payed ?

An Advertisement shown when a user click on your shortened link


Adfly link :

How works?

Advertiser pays money to Adfly to show his website to visitors. Adfly place ads on our links and we get a part of income. Legit or Scam?

It was started on 2009. According to Alexa, Adfly is one of the top websites in the world with 2 million registered users. So which is clear that adfly is a legit trustable network which pays on time.

Minimum payout

only $5

Payment Methods
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer (Bank Transfer)
  • Payoneer (Prepaid Card)
  • Payza
Payment Proofs for Adfly

Pros And Cons

Pros - Advantages
 Cons - Disadvantages
  • Payed on time
  • Daily Payment
  • Minimum Payout 5$
  • No Pornographic Ads
  • Not Spam
  • Industrial ads and banners
  • Source of employment.
  • Easy to create
  • Good Part time income
  • Reduce link length
  • Earn money without website
  • No Special skills required
  • Wait some time to show link
  • Need to skip Ads
  • Hide your branding
  • Takes extra work to view link
  • Some users not like URL Shorteners
  • May reduce website traffic
  • Adfly Skippers reduce earning

... Join Adfly ...


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