Top 100 Achievements of AAP Govt In Delhi - List

Top 100 Achievements of AAP Govt In Delhi - List
Water20,000 litres of free water per month per connection (applicable more than 12,56,883 domestic unique water connections)Water ATM facility 20L drinking water at just RS 2Water connections increased by 70% 

Electricity rates reduced by 50%No electricity tariff hike during the last two years.

Jan lokpal billAnti-corruption helpline 1031 startedRemoval of red beacons and end of VIP cultureAwarded Rs. 1 crore to family of police constable who died fighting the liquor mafiaInspection of govt schools by volunteersauditing accounts of all schools on government allotted land.CAG audit in  power sectersZero tolerance policy against corruptionPrivate schools had to roll back their fees and give a refund to parents.(First time in india)A fly over with estimate cost 250 cr finished in just 150 cr

Night shelters for the homeless peoplesLunch at just Rs 5 (aam aadmi canteen)Public toilets and all other basic facilities…

How to Create Sublabels In Gmail - Simple 3 Steps

How to Create Sublabels In Gmail
Gmail is one of the most used email service powered by google. Users can organize emails using lables such as friends, family members ,office etc...

Some time we need to create sublabels in gmail, for example in case of label "friends" we can create sublables such as school, college etc..

Now we can study how to create sublabels in gmail.

Step 1 : Go to gmail and click the Settings button 
(upper right corner )

Go to dropdown menu select "Settings"

Select option "Lables"

Create a label
Step 2 : After create the label which is appear in main gmail view as shown below.

Step 3 : Appear a down arrow icon when mouse over the label. Now you can see option to create sublabel.

The Easy Way to Save Facebook Videos Directly Without Software - Simple Steps

The Easy Way to Download  Facebook Videos Directly Without Software.

Facebook is one of the top social media site in the world. One of the main issue faced by facebook users is there are no option to save facebook videos.

Today we will study an easy method to download facebook videos.

Step 1 : Play video

Step 2 : Right-click on the video and select  "Show video URL "
(Not worked for youtube video)

Step 3 : Paste the URL in address bar

Step 4 : Replace www on the link by m

Example :
Before Edit :
After Edit 

Step 5 : Play and right click on the video. Now we can see an option to save facebook video " Save Video As..."

PopUnderTOTAL AD Network Review - Payment Proof - Pros And Cons Of PopUnderTOTAL List With Table

PopUnderTOTAL AD Network Review 

Basic Details

Ad Type Pop underWebsitewww.popundertotal.comTraffic RequirementsNo minimum trafficMinimum Payout 1 USDPayment Method Paypal , Bank wirePayment frequency: On requestRemarks
Pros And Cons Of PopUnderTOTAL

Pros - AdvantagesCons - DisadvantagesAccepts worldwide trafficFast registrationReal time statsPayment on requestVery low minimum payout (1 USD)No minimum traffic100% fill rate, worldwide24x7 supportNew AD networkAd blockers may reduce earningPopUnderTOTAL Payment Proof

Poptm Pop Under AD Network Review - Payment Proof - Pros And Cons Of Poptm List With Table

Poptm Pop Under AD Network Review 

Basic Details

Ad Type Pop under / Pop upsWebsitewww.poptm.comTraffic RequirementsNo minimum trafficMinimum Payout 10 USDPayment Method PaypalPayment frequency: On requestRemarks95% Revenue Share

Pros And Cons Of Poptm
Pros - AdvantagesCons - DisadvantagesAccepts worldwide trafficFast registrationReal time statsPayment on requestLow minimum payout (10 USD)No minimum traffic95% Revenue ShareRotating Ad codes to bypass adblockersNew AD networkOnly one payment mode (Paypal)
Poptm Payment Proof

CPMPub AD Network Review - Payment Proof - Pros And Cons Of CPMPub List With Table

CPMPub AD Network Review

Basic Details

Ad Type CPM AdsWebsitewww.cpmpub.comTraffic RequirementsNo minimum trafficMinimum Payout 20 USDPayment Method PaypalPayment frequency: NET 15Remarks Pay avg 0.7 USD/1000 views

Pros And Cons Of CPMPub
Pros - Advantages

Reasons For A Site Marked As Deceptive Site in Google Chrome

Reasons For A Site Marked As Deceptive Site in Google Chrome

Some time we trying to visit some websites in google chrome, we can see a message "Deceptive Site Ahead"

How To Check Your Website Is In Google's Deceptive List

You can easily check your site is in google's deceptive list

Replace with your site URL

Example :

Reasons For A site marked As Deceptive Site in Google Chrome

Website may be hacked
Website may contain malware
Website may be infected with virus
Visitors redirected to other websites
Suspicious code that could be a malware or trojan
Website using low quality advertising network
Display ads linking to websites with malware or infected contents

Some of the website owners feel very sad because the website not contain any malware or infected contents, but the website is listed as "Deceptive". This is mainly because of …